If you never had a big sister…

…Man, you are missing out!  Big sisters are (usually) awesome!

kk 001

Sometimes they’re bossy, and they have a tendency to tattle.  A lot.  But, all in all, they’re pretty swell.

kk 002

Early on, big sisters are useful for reaching the good stuff, high up (they ALWAYS share):

kk 003

Although, I soon caught up…and passed…and kept going.  I’m the big little brother and she’s the little big sister.

 kk 005 kk 006 kk 007 kk 008

Big sisters will always wake you up on Christmas morning…

kk 009

…even if it is to uncomfortably and impatiently pose for a picture in front of the tree.

kk 010

Big sisters ALWAYS share, even Easter treats, whether plastic eggs…

kk 011Okay, seriously, look at her face.  I know that face.  I know it well.  She’s about to slap, shove, or tattle.

…or real eggs.

kk 012

A big sister helps you build the best snowman…

kk 013

…and will teach you what cold really is…

kk 014

…but will be extremely gracious when, years later, you get her back, in the face.

kk 015

In the summer, a big sister lets you have the prime sprinkler spot:

kk 016

Best camping buddy?  Big sister.  Hands down.  Even the fine dining in the back of your uncle’s truck.

kk 018 kk 019 kk 020

Big sisters also serve as great Disneyland guides. (They will have always been there one more time than you.)

kk 021 kk 022 kk 023

Big sisters are just the best for Trick or Treating:

kk 024

…Playing Atari with:

kk 025

…and just being bored with (she’s about to get that look in this picture…slap, shove, or tattle…)

kk 026

So, from these memories, I see I owe some gratitude.  To my sister, on her 21st 21st birthday, I thank you for:

…always letting me drive, whether car or stagecoach…

kk 027 kk 028

Thank you for always crashing my birthday parties…

kk 030

…and letting me crash yours (and apparently be the funniest one there)

kk 031

Thanks for letting me be the cool one:

kk 029

…and for making me a proud uncle…

kk 032

…THREE times!!!

kk 033

And even though I somehow came in third in this board game:

kk 034

You always…

…pray for me without ceasing

…answer a late night call

…offer wise advice

…keep me accountable

…provide a valuable role model to me

…and have my back and hold me tight, even if it seems I don’t want it…

kk 035 kk 036

and all I can offer in return is my love, my gratitude, and my promise to return the favor and carry you…

kk 037

…if you ever (and I mean ever) need it.

Love you, sis.  Happy Birthday.

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